Eat almonds often to help the lungs clean

Eat almonds often to help the lungs clean

Living in big cities, people have been surrounded by polluted air for many years; the pace of life has accelerated, and many people have repeated cigarettes to refresh themselves . These have led to a rising incidence of illness.

At present, lung cancer has become the number one cancer in men in at least 35 countries in the world.

How to prevent lung diseases and how to clear the lungs and moisturize the lungs in daily life has gradually become the focus of public attention.

  Family recipes of Sifang Moisturizing and Nourishing Lung According to Chang Zhangfu, a professor at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese medicine has always paid attention to the homology of medicine and food, and it is easy to improve the body’s resistance to disease by adjusting the diet.

Facts have shown that eating lung foods can improve immune function.

Professor Chang said that in our daily diet, almonds, yam, white radish, lily, mung bean and so on are all good lung-moisturizing foods.

In particular, almonds have been regarded as a healthy food that can relieve cough and lungs, and reduce qi and clear fire.

But Professor Chang also reminds everyone that before eating these foods, you should first understand what they have.

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to symptomatic treatment. Only by following the theory of adaptation can the effects of food therapy be brought into full play.

  In addition, a survey report published by the National Cancer Institute also showed that if you regularly eat vitamin E foods, you can greatly reduce the incidence of lung cancer in smokers.

The institute pointed out in the report that foods that can be vitamin E include dried fruits such as almonds, hazelnuts, and whole wheat foods.

A study by the California Almond Chamber of Commerce proves that eating 40 almonds a day, combined with a balanced diet, can meet the body’s need for vitamin E.

  Finnish scientists target 2.

90,000 male smokers conducted an 8-year survey.

It was found that when the content of alpha ecological phenol (the main component of vitamin E) in human blood is high, the incidence of lung cancer will decrease by 19% -23%.

In addition, this anti-cancer effect of vitamin E is especially obvious for men under 60 years of age and less than 40 years of age who smoke less, which can reduce the incidence of lung cancer by 40% -50%.

These studies have further proved that vitamin E-rich foods such as almonds can prevent ulcers.

  Lulu almond juice is a natural beverage based on wild almonds.

It contains protein, vitamin E and trace elements such as calcium, iron and zinc, making it a good choice for cleaning the lungs.

Especially in the dry autumn, almond lotion can axially moisturize the lungs and remove dryness.

In the fall, many people experience symptoms such as dry mouth, sore throat, and sore throat.

In fact, the dry climate not only leads to “fire”, then reduces the body’s immunity and induces respiratory diseases.

In addition to dryness in autumn, you should start with diet, eat less spicy food, drink more water, eat more almonds, lotus root, lily and other “clear fire” food.