Eighty-year-old is still physically tough, a few dollars to use the coaxial health method


Eighty-year-old is still physically tough, a few dollars to use the coaxial health method

The pioneer of TCM health rehabilitation is known as the 鈥渇irst person鈥?of Chinese diet and health care, and dedicated his life to Chinese medicine and health rehabilitation.

At the age of 78, he often “flyes around” all over the country to work.

80 years old, the body is tough, crane hair, ruddy, almost no age spots, physical examination blood pressure, blood sugar are normal, even the common prostate hyperplasia of older men are not with him.

At the age of 82, I went to TV to do a program to explain the therapeutic side of health and longevity.

How did he do it?

Disclaimer: The food is the “special effect medicine” big medical scientist Li Shizhen said: “The diet, the lifeline of people is also.”

Diet involves health, eating badly affects health, and eating is not right for you.

Every day is the cornerstone of health. To be healthy, you must start from a good day. The food is a “special effect.”

Doctors should put the diet in the first place, one food, two medicines, three acupuncture, for the medical treatment of the source of the disease, first to treat, then to medication, diet treatment is not cured to medication.

He has attached great importance to diet therapy throughout his life. How can some of his diets learn?

Stabilize blood pressure, lower blood sugar, ecchymosis, diet, health and health, 1 绁?remove spots, black tea, three black tea, consisting of hawthorn, medlar, red dates, and the selection of materials is very particular.

The hawthorn slices are dried hawthorn dried fruit, the red dates are small, and the hazelnuts are naturally reddish.

When soaking, the red dates should be shredded, put the three together, re-open the water, one cup in the morning, one cup in the afternoon, drink with the water.

Hawthorn is slightly warm, sour, and has the effect of promoting blood circulation.

Jujube is warm and sweet, and can replenish qi and blood.

The scorpion is sweet, flat, and tonifying the kidney and benefiting the spleen.

In the long run, it can have a good effect on eliminating age spots.

When it comes to skin care, Weng Weijian has a very good method: take the right amount of fresh cucumber, chop the clam juice, mix the cucumber juice and the silica cream and mix it on the skin. It has the effect of clearing heat, skin care, swelling and eliminating spots.

2 cough, phlegm, turnip, radish, white radish, pork, pork and other fillings, add radish cake, and fry in a pan.

White radish has the effect of nourishing yin and lowering qi, relieving cough and removing phlegm, and is helpful for improving cough, asthma and phlegm in the elderly.

3 Sleeping Heartwood Tea Distraction Wood is a wooden septum inside the walnut.

Before going to bed every afternoon to evening, take about 5 grams of soaked in boiling water, substitute for tea, add boiling water while drinking, and taste so light.

Distraction wood has the effect of urinating and sleeping.

4 Shuganqi Chrysanthemum rose rose tea at home to drink chrysanthemum rose tea, is conducive to liver gas leakage.

Take Gongju (yellow chrysanthemum), 10 grams of rose each, after cleaning, put together in a large vacuum flask, add appropriate amount of boiling water, cover tightly.

After soaking for half an hour, start to substitute tea, add boiling water while drinking, and taste soaked, it can be absorbed for 1 day.

This tea has the effect of soothing the liver, nourishing the liver and blood, and benefiting the liver and yin. It is suitable for people with uneasy mood and temper, and patients with high blood pressure are particularly suitable.

5 heat-heating wet glutinous rice lentils porridge take 100 grams of millet, 50 grams of coix seed, 20 grams of white lentils, chopped, put into a casserole or stainless steel pot, add water to the amount of small porridge to cook, 1 second can be dividedEat.

Coix seed, phlegm and dampness, white lentils, spleen and dampness, millet spleen and stomach, often eat this product, with the effect of clearing heat and dampness.

6 Ziyin Yangfei Lily Tremella Soup Take about 100 grams of freshly chopped fresh lily or 30 grams of dried lily, 20 grams of dried white fungus, and the amount of crystal sugar, about 1 liter of water; all the ingredients are placed in a casserole, stewed with a small fire untilThe raw materials can be cooked thoroughly, and the soup is eaten hot and eaten with lily and white fungus.

It can clear lung heat, raise lung yin, relieve lung heat, lung dryness flu symptoms, especially suitable for autumn drink.

7 stable blood pressure burdock root burdock root looks like yam, thin.

Cut it into thin pieces and cook in a pot for 20 minutes. After the soup is finished, you can cook it again, remove the burdock residue, and drink the soup as a drink.

It can clear away heat and detoxification, and it also helps to stabilize blood pressure.

8 smooth blood sugar bitter gourd tea bitter gourd has the effect of stabilizing blood sugar, this bitter gourd tea is also very suitable for summer.

The practice is very simple. Rub the bitter gourd into a large pot, then put the green tea in, mix it evenly in the pot (80% bitter gourd, 20% green tea), grab it and put it on the chopping board and put it on.Exposure to the balcony for two days; after drying, use a rolling pin to mash it, just fine.

Drink like a cup of tea, one cup a day, one cup in the afternoon.

This tea is slightly bitter and can help diabetics control blood sugar and synergistic drugs.If you don’t have diabetes at home, you can also do some. It is a good hot summer drink, suitable for people who are hot, but not suitable for people with stomach cold.

These 8 therapeutic parties are made with the simplest and most natural materials, and they can penetrate the health care function without spending much money, which is very suitable for the elderly.

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