Singing, meditation, and daze methods can reduce stress

Singing, meditation, and daze methods can reduce stress

Method 1 Relaxing singing It is reported that those bankers who are under great pressure in London, England have a new way to relax, which is singing.

During the peak hours of work on weekdays, thousands of formal-wearing staff rushed out of the subway station like a stream of water, rushing to the office in the high-rise building, and then began lengthy and intensive work., And the pressure is huge.

  Expert analysis: All ligaments are associated with sound, so the way you hold your wrist tightly will affect your voice.

Singing begins with a relaxed breath, and through the brisk music, the body and spirit are reconciled.

  Method 2 Spiritual vitality stimulates people’s vitality in an all-round way, allowing the spirit and the body to “live together”.

A movement called “Burga” is heating up daily among office workers.

This original fitness exercise, which originated from ancient pilgrimage rituals, became popular in the United States at the beginning of this century.

Through training, you can achieve mental and physical pleasure and vitality, and improve physiological functions.

Three of the most prominent features of Bulga are: more focus on spiritual concentration and relaxation; comprehensive movement of each part of the body; and improvement of the functions of various organs in the body.

Achieve good health both mentally and physically.

  Expert analysis: Bulgar’s movements can make all parts of the body’s muscles move, which will make our body fully balanced; and those muscles that usually do not get exercise, after getting exercise, they will have energy and auntieConsumption will be more, thus speeding up the body’s metabolism.

  Method 3 Chewing gums can try to relieve tension by chewing gum.

A survey shows that even “snacks at work” are a source of stress, because you have to worry about not only getting fattening because of this, but also worrying about “bad eating” and affecting “professional image”.

At present, Wrigley “chew it” has appeared in some resistance office buildings in Beijing.

  Expert analysis: Professor Mei Jian, director of the Popularization Committee of the Chinese Psychological Association, said that professors of the Department of Psychology at Peking University found that chewing gum enhanced the activity of certain brain regions through functional nuclear magnetic resonance (fMRI) scanning technology, which significantly improved these brain regions.Blood and oxygen levels; chewing gum may cause alpha brainwave enhancement.

The attenuation of alpha brain waves is strongly associated with tension and worry, so experts converted to: Chewing gum may help relieve tension.

  Method 4 Beauty Aroma The body is completely immersed in warm water added with aromatic plant essential oil at 38 ℃ -40 ℃. First, let your hands be separated and gently float on the water surface. Imagine this gradually rising to the elbows and stepping on the arms and head at the same time.The front and back rise to the right.

Spa is the most common form of SPA. It is a beauty and beauty method with aromatherapy, essential oils, bubble baths, massages, daily skin care, flower tea and music. It has a health and beauty effect. In autumn, you should choose common facial products., Including deep cleansing and moisturizing mask.

  Expert analysis: SPA at home saves you the trouble of traveling and relaxes more thoroughly.

However, different types of skin should choose essential oils and care products with different functions. The skin type can be determined through consultation and testing with professional beauty institutions.

At present, many professional beauty salons can provide this service, in large shopping malls such as Zhongyou, Clinique, Estee Lauder and other well-known cosmetics counters or provide free “clinic-like” professional skin consultation services, consultation is more convenient.

  Method 5: Meditate in a daze, concentrate on one of your favorite places: or a lotus pond swaying in the wind, or a sparkling lake, a flowering hillside, or a densely forested mountain path . quietEarth meditation can promote blood circulation throughout the body, deliver a large amount of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and organs throughout the body, and can obviously relieve anxiety.

  Expert analysis: Whether on an airplane, in a hotel, or in a taxi, you can be dazed. You don’t have to think about anything, and you can often achieve the same psychological relaxation effect.

Even while enjoying a bunch of grapes, you can slowly immerse yourself in the process of chewing food, and enter a state of conscious relaxation.