[How to remove a bit of odor from ribs]_How to remove_Removing method

[How to remove a bit of odor from ribs]_How to remove_Removing method

Pork ribs are the meat that everyone prefers. They have a variety of eating methods, are rich in nutrition, and have a tender taste, suitable for all ages.

Well-cooked pork ribs are usually preserved if you can’t finish them, but after a long time, there will be odors. It is definitely a pity to lose them directly. You will choose to process them to cover the odors and eat them again.

So, how to remove the odor of ribs?

Let’s take a look at the method below.

First, how to deal with the ribs with bad smell, it is not edible if the ribs are badly deteriorated, but it can still be eaten through processing. You can use the following methods: Method 1 1. After the ribs are washed, the knife is divided into palm-sized pieces.

2. Do soaking and rinsing again. The total soaking time is preferably more than three hours. Put a little vinegar in the soaking water and repeat it more than three times.

3. Rinse the ribs and rinse with water (clear water). Discard the soup after using the water.

4. This kind of ribs is not recommended for stewing and cooking. It can be braised, fried and braised. Add more condiments. Chop the ribs into small pieces when fried.

How does the ribs smell a little?

Can the ribs have a strange smell?

Method two 1. Pour some vinegar or salt, soak for about 10 minutes, and then wash with water; 2. Soak in rice water for about 10 minutes, then wash the rice with water, and then wash with water.

3. Use white wine or wine to size it. When cooking, use more onion ginger, sauce, and taste a little more important. Ha ha, many restaurants are so fooling customers.

Second, how to keep the ribs fresh 1, wrapped in fresh meat with a wet cloth soaked in vinegar, can be kept fresh for about 24 hours.

2. Put the fresh meat in the pressure cooker, heat it to steam until the vent hole is out of gas, and then close the pressure reducing valve to leave the fire, it can be stored for about 48 hours.

3, put the mustard in a small dish, with fresh meat, can be placed 4?
5 days.

4. Cut the fresh meat into about 500g pieces and put them in a clean pot.

Put the soy sauce in the pot and sterilize it, and then add it to the basin when it is cold. The soy sauce can overflow without pork, then cover the basin lid, and there will be no odor after 3 months.