Approaching SOHO, IF Family

Approaching SOHO, IF Family

Approaching “SOHO”, what is the “IF” family?

  The SOHO family (samllofficehomeoffice) was once hailed as “free work + stylish life + high income”. As time passed, this home office lifestyle that has been popular for many years now shows a group of “people in the city think”Reflow scene.

Many SOHOs find that this office style is not suitable for them, so they have made a choice to go out of their homes, return to the unit, and return to the society.

  Being a SOHO makes people feel lonely. Ms. Xie, who is engaged in graphic design, was immersed in self-intoxicated excitement for a whole month when she first became a SOHO.

She said, “Don’t mention how happy I was when I was working from home. I could sleep late in the morning, exercise in the afternoon, watch serials and read novels in the evening.

Well, no one even manages to start again in the middle of the night.

“I was attached to a company design company. Generally, the company assigned her tasks over the phone. Some materials and pictures were sent by e-mail. Ms. Xie completed the production and sent it back to the company by e-mail.

She works in her room equipped with computers, telephones, and faxes.

However, the good times are not long. After staying at home for a long time, she began to miss the days when she was at work with her colleagues and laughed.

  ”At home, there isn’t even a person who is joking. Apart from calling, sometimes he can’t say a word a day.

After a long time, I feel boring, boring and irritable, people become lethargic, and still feel a kind of unspeakable loneliness inside.

It’s ironic that the SOHO I yearn for has become SOLO (alone).

“” For half a year, the occluded environment almost killed my creative inspiration, my ideas were also limited, and the efficiency of work was getting lower and lower. Going on like this, it is necessary to develop an autism.

“Ms. Xie’s tone was frightened.

  Ms. Xie is tired of this SOHO life. She wants to return to the life of crowding buses and crowds. “Although it will be a little tiring, I feel more at ease.

The “free disease” of the SOHO family has regained its freedom, and its personality has become more and more valuable in the profession. Freelancers who work from home are gradually changing from “non-working professionals” in conservative concepts to enviable envy.”Unrestricted” Binder. ”

However, the SOHO family also has some new problems, mainly psychological problems, such as suffering from freedom syndrome, the so-called “free disease”.

  Being a freelance writer is a good business for the SOHO family, earning a lot of money by selling articles.

But they also have their own troubles.

The alarm clock was canceled in the morning because it was no longer 9: 5, but every morning, I had to think about the question of “get up or not get up” for half an hour, and then I asked about the question of “whether I write or rest today”Consider for 1 hour.

Late in the evening, I finally decided to start work, and a friend’s phone call caused me to think hard: “Will you go to the bar tonight or rush to write?

“Because there is nothing to do or not to do, I have no idea in my heart.

  From a psychological perspective, the formation of what is called “freedom syndrome” is quite related to the characteristics of the profession.

As a SOHO family, no one but yourself will come to your fingertips about your work, and self-management ability becomes the only binding force for freelancers.

No one will deduct your salary when you sleep until two in the afternoon.

Among the psychological problems of freelancers, the impact of life pressure is certainly the largest and most realistic.

The near-term pressure is whether we can make a living this month, and the farther we have to consider whether the progressive financial resources are stable and reliable.

The stress of life becomes a burden to a certain extent, and even people who are currently small achievers often worry about what to do if they are born with a serious illness.

Freelancers were naturally full of confidence when choosing this path, thinking that with their own talents, they would not worry about their lack of success, but they would lose their stability and feel fully free.

  What kind of person is suitable for SOHO?


You must be a person who can take the initiative to do the task at hand in a timely manner without outside pressure.


You should be a person who can do the work independently, and can work gradually without the assistance of colleagues.


Must be a person with a strong plan of work, know how to maintain a balance between work and life, do not lead to chaos in life because of working from home.


Ability to control the progress of work.   5,

You should be a good person at solving problems.


Ability to manage affairs.

If you don’t know anything about administration, finance, marketing, etc., you have to think about learning related knowledge yourself or ask someone to handle it for you.


Outstanding professional competence.

Without professional knowledge and ability, it is equal to lack of competitiveness, and it is impossible to make a difference.


Good interpersonal relationships and resources.

You’d better have more than 3 years of relevant work experience. Senior workers are the most suitable for SOHO.


Behind the scenes support-financial resources.

Although money is not an important factor, it is also an indispensable supportive force. It is backed by stable financial resources, so you have no worries in the early stage of your business.


Well-equipped working equipment.

  What it takes to become an IF family: The CEO of a website company, if he is in the online world, also travels through the real society. His online company has been very successful in the online world.

After studying in the United States, returning home and starting a business, and traveling many places, he felt that he was an international free man.

He believes that as an international freelancer, first, the ID card must be easy to obtain.

This is not a problem for Chinese with foreign status or green card. Without this part, they must have a good education background and alternative economic foundation.

Specifically, it is necessary to have accounts of major Chinese banks or credit cards of international banks.

It is most convincing to show the visa officer two things.

Secondly, have experience of going abroad, good visa records.

Third, you can speak a foreign language, and you can play the world freely without relying on travel agencies.

  Others believe that in order to become an IF family, in addition to basic skills and qualities such as English and integrity, there must be three conditions.

  First, there must be an international vision.

Due to the changes in the study and work place of the IF family, the backgrounds of the people they serve are very different, and they are always in a state of constantly updating their ideas and accumulating international knowledge.

At the same time, the broad international perspective has made them more comfortable to work and live in more different countries and regions, integrate into the local culture, and grow more knowledge.

  Second, there must be a skill.

The professional expertise is the IF family to settle down, the most typical are those professionals who master international languages and understand international culture. After performing internationally recognized audits and practicing qualifications, patients are provided with internationalization regardless of whether there is a need for auditing in China.professional service.

  The third is that there must be a positive spirit.

The IF family does not mean to do nothing, but a positive attitude towards life is exactly their most important essential characteristic and is the core driving force for the entire process of liberalization.

Under this state of mind, their career success and social progress have gained their spiritual liberation, which is a higher level of freedom.