Keep in mind the dehumidification of summer hot pot

Keep in mind the dehumidification of summer hot pot

Cupping is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment method.

In summer, the temperature is high and there is a lot of rain. At this time, cupping can remove moisture.

Because sweating and hydrophobic in the summer, it is best to wash a bathtub before cupping and dry your body to avoid affecting the absorption of the can.

Cupping is suitable for people with damp phlegm, damp heat, and wind chills.

  Attention should be paid when cupping: 1. Applicable symptoms of cupping According to the traditional experience of Chinese medicine, inserting cupping may be beneficial for cough, pressurization, chronic gastritis, indigestion and other diseases.

  2. Hot cups are not suitable for all diseases. Low back pain is the most suitable, but abdomen, face and other muscles are not rich. Where there are organs inserted, cupping is not recommended, especially the abdomen, which easily forms intussusception and intestinal obstruction.
  3. Should not be cupping. Skin allergies, ulcers, edema and large blood vessels are not suitable for cupping.

People with high fever and sweat, as well as pregnant women’s abdomen and lumbosacral region, should not be cupped.

  4. Rub some oil in the cupping area. When you are cupping, you may wish to wipe some olive oil or vegetable oil on the edge of the cup, so as to avoid friction between the skin and the cup to damage the skin.

It’s better to apply a hot towel after drawing.

  5, to choose the appropriate body position and muscle fullness, improper body position, movement, uneven bones, hair parts are not applicable.

According to the size of the area to be pulled out, a suitable size can be selected.

It must be fast during operation so that the tank can be pulled tight and has strong adsorption.

  6. When using a hot pot, you should pay attention not to burn or burn your skin. If you burn or leave the pot for a long time and the skin is blistered, do not treat it if it is small, and only apply sterile gauze to prevent scratching.

When blistering, release the water with a sterilizing needle, apply gentian purple potion, or wrap it with sterilized gauze to prevent infection.

Because everyone’s skin structure and thickness are different, and their tolerance to negative pressure is different, generally cupping should be controlled at 5?
10 minutes, up to 10 minutes is enough.

  Because the wetness in Chinese medicine is a concept, it is invisible, not liquid.

When negative pressure is applied to the surface of the human body for too long, anyone will blister.

In fact, cupping and blistering are equivalent to a pull out accident in hospital treatment.

The blister is easily infected, purulent, and severe may cause sepsis.

In order to facilitate the observation of skin changes, it is best to use glass jars, but rubber jars and bamboo jars are not suitable.