Introducing three sports is not conducive to weight loss

Today, various methods of weight loss are difficult to distinguish between true and false. More and more people believe that a balanced diet, coupled with appropriate exercise, is a scientific and effective way to lose weight.

However, some experts have pointed out recently that not all sports are helpful for weight loss, and inappropriate sports may make you “weight gain”.

The following three sports are not conducive to weight loss.


hzh {display: none; }  大运动量运动: 若运动量加大,人体所需的氧气和营养物质及代谢产物也就相应增加,这就要靠心脏加强收缩力和收缩频率,增加心脏输出血量来transport.
When doing a large amount of exercise, the cardiac output can not meet the body’s need for oxygen, so that the body is in an oxygen-free state of anaerobic metabolism.

Anaerobic metabolic exercise is not the use of adults as the main energy release, but mainly relies on the decomposition of glycogen stored in the human body as energy release.

Because in the anoxic environment, a few can not be used, but also produce some incompletely oxidized acidic substances, such as ketone bodies, to reduce human exercise endurance.

Hypoglycemia is an important cause of obesity. After a short period of intense exercise, blood sugar levels are lowered, and people often have a great increase in appetite, which is detrimental to fat loss.

  Short-term exercise: When performing aerobic exercise, the first use of the sugar element stored in the human body to release energy, after 30 minutes of exercise, began to release energy from the sugar element to a small amount of energy release, about one hour after exercise,The energy required for exercise is based on adult energy.

  Rapid explosive force movement: Human muscle is composed of many muscle fibers, which can be divided into two major categories: white muscle fibers and red muscle fibers.

During exercise, such as rapid explosive exercise, the main exercise is white muscle fiber, white muscle fiber cross-section is thicker, so the muscle group is easy to develop and strong.

Using this method to lose weight will become more and more “rough”.

  In short, in order to achieve the purpose of body weight loss, it should be done at a low heart rate of 120-160 beats per minute, continuous (over 1 hour) endurance aerobic metabolism.

For example, aerobics, slow running, long-distance swimming, etc.