Should I take a shower before sex?

Should I take a shower before sex?

Before people have sex, they are used to taking a quick shower. One is to eliminate the fatigue during the day; the other is to clean the skin and remove the odor; the third is to clean the organism and prevent the infection.

In fact, there are also some inadequacies in this approach.

  Although the blood of our body is not circulating, its accumulation is relatively constant, and the distribution of each organ and tissue is relatively stable.

Interestingly, which part of the human body’s work burden is aggravated, temporarily increasing the amount of blood supply, of course, this part of the increased blood supply is the part of the other organs.

  Let’s take a look at the situation of sexual life immediately after taking a bath.

  If you use hot water to bathe, the body’s skin will immediately become extensively congested, and it will suddenly attract a lot of blood from the body, which will soon exceed the amount of 450 ml per minute.

Bathing with cold water, the blood vessels in the whole body will shrink extensively, and the relaxation phenomenon that occurs immediately after the blood vessels contract, will cause extensive hyperemia of the skin. Similar to hot water bathing, it will also take away a lot of blood in the human body.

  If you have sex immediately after taking a bath, because the sexual organs will suddenly become congested, you must have a considerable source of blood. At this time, a large amount of blood accumulates in the skin, and there is a contradiction in the deployment, which will cause normal sexual life, easySexual dysfunction occurs.

  In addition, after bathing, the body suddenly suddenly refreshes and produces drowsiness. At this time, if there is a sexual intercourse, it will be unfavorable for health.

In fact, it is very simple to solve this contradiction.

First, take a shower before going to bed, then take a sweet and beautiful sleep, then have sex or simply go to sex in the early morning.

Because this is the peak period of sexual desire.

The second is to go to bed, first sex, then get out of bed to take a bath, which can improve the quality of sleep, but also to clean the skin, especially the purpose of washing the sexual organs.