Summer refreshing exercise slimming plan

Summer refreshing exercise slimming plan

On a hot summer day, you will sweat profusely, let alone a more intense weight loss exercise.

How to solve this problem?

Here are some cool summer sports for you.

Allows you to enjoy the coolness, while eliminating excess meat, the previous lower abdomen, tightening the calf.

  ”Xia Lian San Fu” follows the gentle principle of “Winter Lian San Jiu Xia Lian San Fu”. This fitness method with exercise will as the main purpose needs to choose the right time and method.

Professor Wei Zhiqiang, director of the Department of Sports and Leisure Sports at the Institute of Physical Education, said that the principle of summer fitness is to avoid strenuous exercise and try to take relatively gentle exercises below 120 beats, such as badminton, yoga, tai chi, jogging, swimming, etc.

  In 38 ° C hot days, long-distance running can be used to exercise will and physical strength, but it is very easy to cause heat stroke.

In summer sports, the elderly must pay attention to the amount in small amounts, continue, and ensure rest to restore physical fitness; although younger are in better physical conditions than the elderly, they do not need to be under the hot sun, play football, play basketball for too long and cause dehydration, examples of heat stroke are alsoEverywhere.

It is recommended that everyone sweat through exercise to achieve detoxification.

  If you can exercise scientifically, “three summer training” will help reduce the incidence of summer diseases.