He lost his goal after success

He lost his goal after success

Another weekend, Han Qing drove out of the car to go shopping as usual, and it was already dark when he got home.

  He came into the house with a big bag and a dark piece inside, “Strange!

Why isn’t Fan Jun back yet?

Did n’t you say that you are going home for dinner today?

Han Qing felt puzzled for a while, put down her things, ready to change clothes to make dinner.

: In the bedroom, Han Qing was screamed in shock by what she saw. It turned out that she saw a person lying straight on the bed.

Her cry seemed to awaken the man on the bed, he sat up slowly, Han Qing took a closer look, gosh!

It turned out to be her husband Fan Jun!

  ”What’s wrong with you?

No light at home!

“Han Qing was frightened, and there was a moment of blame at Fan Jun.” You should take off your clothes when you go to bed! ”

So silent, want to scare me to death!

“Who knows that after Han Qing’s” craps and cracks “has been ventilated, Fan Jun seems to have heard nothing, still lying on the bed sullenly without saying a word.

Han Qing felt a bit wrong, and wanted to touch her husband’s forehead to see if he was sick.

“I’m not ill, you go out first and leave me alone!

Fan Jun pushed his wife’s hand away.

  ”What happened to him?

Is there a business problem?

Han Qing secretly pondered in her heart while helping her husband cover the quilt.

Suddenly, Fan Jun’s many abnormal performances in recent months all came to her mind, “Yeah!

During this time, his mood seemed to be very low!

Rarely went out, often in a study in the study alone, often do not like to go to a business party . “Han Qing suddenly felt an ominous feeling enveloped her.

  ”Military, let’s go to the hospital for a full body check tomorrow!

I think you are not feeling well recently!

“I’m really not sick, I just feel a little tired. Don’t worry, let me take a good rest and it will be fine soon!”

Fan Jun did not lift his head, closed his eyes and fell asleep again.

  Hearing her husband’s words, Han Qing’s heart was even more lost, “What can I do?

“After much thought, she thought of me, Fan Jun’s high school classmate.

That night, Han Qing called my phone. She told me in detail about Fan Jun’s recent abnormal behaviors, because I am Fan Jun ‘s best friend and a psychologist. She wants to know Fan through me.Army idea.

As for my good friend, of course, I must do it. The next day, I called and called Fan Jun to the tea house we used to go to.

  Half an hour in advance, I came to the tea house and looked at the crowd flowing outside the window. I couldn’t help thinking of Fan Jun twenty years ago.

He belongs to the group of people who “awakened” earlier. In the early 1980s, when everyone felt psychologically a bit out of business, he set up a stall in the bustling downtown.

By the time everyone started to get involved in the concept of a market economy, he had already tossed the turtles far behind him like a dormant rabbit in the turtle-rabbit race.

  Because of its good foundation, Fan Jun’s enterprises have not experienced ups and downs, business is smooth, and income is rich.

His wife Han Qingxian is capable and capable, and his son Xiaogang is smart and sensible. Now Fan Jun can be described as a happy family and a smooth career, which really envied us old classmates.

  ”Old classmate, you are here early!

Fan Jun patted my shoulder and pulled me back from my memories.

I don’t see each month, and Fan Jun in front of me is obviously too thin.As soon as he saw me, Fan Jun couldn’t wait to wait: “Old classmate, I have long wanted to come to you. I’ve been dead for months!

“Looking at Fan Jun’s depressed expression, I know he is not joking.

  Fan Jun told me that at the beginning of his business, he also experienced the rush of business and economic pressure.

But now the dreams of the past have become a reality, and there is no need to be exhausted for a little bit of profit. Modern families should have it. He has everything, both the babysitter and the driver. He does n’t even have to ring the doorbell.
  However, these did not bring him comfort.

He doesn’t have any hobbies, he just has to be alone when he is bored.

Gradually, he began to realize that there was nothing more than money. Every night, he often sat alone in the dark study and smoked, and some weird questions appeared in his mind like a ghost: “What is the meaning of all my efforts
Why do people live?

Since there is no such thing as death, what purpose does life have?

“So, when he was lying alone on the bed in the bedroom last weekend, an inexplicable impulse drove him to almost commit suicide. If it wasn’t for his wife’s return in time, a tragedy might have already occurred.

  After listening to Fan Jun’s narrative, I noticed and realized that he was being tortured by a sense of meaninglessness.

To put it simply, this sense of meaninglessness refers to a person’s loss of pursuit of life goals, and a kind of emptiness, resulting in a confused state of mind after the loss of value.

I told him that there are two situations where this kind of psychology is very easy to produce: one is to pursue a goal persistently, and to fall into and be lost after the goal is achieved; the other is to be bored and bored after high consumption due to too much material,Such as eating all the mountains and sea flavors, used to high-end appliances used to create a sense of emptiness in the heart.

Because at the first level, there is no new goal to replace the old goal that has disappeared, people will stop pursuing and stop developing, and they will be in a state of repetition, monotony, and satisfaction all day long. There will be no new information and health.The stimulation of life arouses the passion of life, the personality will change, and of course life will be dull and meaningless.

  I continue this article: “In human nature, there is an inherent driving force of continuous pursuit, continuous creation, and constant acceptance of new missions and challenges.

Therefore, we must scientifically seek the excitement of life, meet the needs of human creation, exploration and development, and conform to human nature. Only in this way can the psychology be healthy and life be realized.

After listening to my analysis, Fan Jun nodded, paused thoughtfully, and asked, “What on earth should I do?”

I really want to walk quickly to the dead end where it appears!

“” To regain the joy of life, we must find and establish new excitement points. In the broader sense of life, it is best to have several excitement points at the same time.

In this way, even after one or two excitement points disappear for various reasons, our lives will not be closed in a confused black hole.

Fan Jun’s eyes brightened: “How can we discover the meaning of life?”

“” In general, there are three ways to find meaning and determine goals, which are essentially meaningless.

The first is to participate in something meaningful or seek meaning from creating something.

After the success of some big wealthy people, they spend a lot of income on public welfare. In addition to finding new goals for themselves, they are also very beneficial to society. This shows that choosing higher goals and finding new exciting points of lifeAs a career that you can fight for life, it claims to have a special meaning for a successful person.

The second is to discover meaning from experiencing something and loving someone.

In the past, there was no sense of meaning when falling in love. It is also true that many wealthy people in Western society are keen on adventure and some exciting sports activities.

You can further develop your own wisdom and potential, expand the scale of your career, and cultivate some hobbies to learn new meaning from it.

The last way is to see its significance in a situation of hopelessness in isolation.

Many people who have experienced death on the verge of death and come back to life will have profound changes in the value of their outlook on life and find the meaning of survival.

“I told him this large paragraph in a sigh of breath, not expecting him to fully remember or guide my point of view, I just hope that I can’t pull him out of the dead end earlier.

  Fan Jun heard this and stood up with a “brush”. His hand hurt my shoulder.

“Don’t arrange anything tonight, find a quiet place, let’s have a few drinks!

“At this time, his eyes seemed to be restored to their former glory.