Love and marriage are like driving and overtaking

Love and marriage are like driving and overtaking

When driving, you must keep the necessary distance from the car in front.

Too tight and prone to collision.

The target is the same. You ca n’t chase too closely. Sometimes the more you chase, the more you lose your weight in the other person ‘s heart, which will cause the other person to look down on you, and may even annoy the other person and treat you as a rogue.Maybe one day I will “bye” with you.

  Overtaking, whistling.

If you have developed an inappropriate feeling for the object you have been chasing, or you have another person in your heart to pursue, you should “whistle” and speak the words in your heart in order to get the other party’s understanding.

If you don’t “whistle” and “overtake,” that’s a dangerous thing.

  The highways seem to be open to traffic, and Pingchuan County is always in danger.

Because the road is too straight, it has lost the challenge and excitement, and the driver is easily absent-minded, dim and heavy. If he is not careful, he may hit the car or get out of the road.

After marriage, the lovers are protected by the “wall”. They always think that the boat of love has moved into a safe haven, and they can rest in peace.

However, if you do n’t pay attention to your life after marriage, you will be filled with pots, pans, pots, sauces, vinegars, etc. It is difficult to reproduce the romantic feelings of the past.

When a family has only a portion of “bread” and no room for “roses”, life becomes dull and the marriage has actually begun to “fading”.

Seriously, the fissures between husbands and wives will gradually increase, “respecting each other like ice” or “respecting each other like soldiers”, creating conditions for a third party’s unintentional intrusion.

  The car must be happy, the fuel must be diligent, the marriage must be happy, and the adjustment must be timely.

This regulation has rich connotations, including pleasant travel, harmonious gatherings of relatives and friends, relaxing shopping and so on.

  Those who have a car will buy insurance for themselves and their car for the sake of safety, and become a home person. Adding a child is an important thing.

The ancients said that women are made of water and men are made of mud. Married men and women will naturally become “cement”. Although the hardness of the cement is high, it is lacking, brittle and fragile.Reinforced cement has both hardness and benefits.

Children are the “reinforcement” in “cement”. A family with children is often more sturdy and durable than a “cement family”.

  Of course, no matter if you are driving or in love, you should keep in mind that the red light will not break!

Mo Chuang red light!