Cold exercise is important after exercise to avoid sports injuries

Cold exercise is important after exercise to avoid sports injuries

Everyone should be well-known for the warm-up before exercise, and the cold-out after exercise may often be overlooked.

After exercise, the body really calms down, it usually takes about an hour, it is best to gradually adjust the body state through soothing exercise to avoid the discomfort caused by sudden stop of exercise.

The system’s sufficient cooling down can effectively reduce the possibility of sports injuries.

  The so-called cold body is an adaptive process that allows the body to transition from a state of motion to a state of rest in an appropriate manner, which can prevent the physical function of the athlete from changing too quickly and affecting health.

  During exercise, the heart pumps a large amount of blood into the muscles to provide energy, and at the same time, the muscles squeeze back during exercise to complete the circulation.

After the end of exercise, if you suddenly stop your physical activity, blood may be trapped in the limb muscles, and you may even faint due to the contraction of your heart and brain.

At the same time, sudden drops in blood pressure and heart rate during exercise, as well as sudden changes in neuromodulation, can adversely affect health.

  Appropriate cool-down exercises, including jogging after cardiovascular exercise, brisk walking after running and jumping exercises, stretching gymnastics after strength exercises, etc., can maintain muscle motivation and promote blood flow.

It should be noted that the cool-down exercise should gradually reduce the speed of the exercise, the amplitude of the movement, and the intensity of the movement.

At the same time, don’t take a bath right away, eat, and blow air conditioning to cool your body.

  The nature of the cold exercise is definitely not inferior to the warm-up before the exercise.

It is of great significance to properly and fully cool down to avoid sports injuries and promote physical recovery.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to help everyone’s sports.