Women after marriage have a kind of dedication, you can enjoy her tenderness, her thoughtfulness, her honey words for free . if she is in a good mood, you can still take good care and care.

  Married men can taste a very unique wine. This wine is made with “vinegar” and love. Men love to drink this wine, because drinking this wine makes men understand that they are in the wife.The retina and hearts are expected.

  After marriage, in the morning you can say: find me socks.

You don’t have to look for socks all over the house like when you are a bachelor.

After marriage, you can get rid of your impatience, because you have to accompany your wife to the store, and have the patience to see something that you ca n’t afford or do n’t want to buy at all.

After you get married, you realize that you really have a home, a place where you have to go back every day, and you go back late. Someone cares about someone.

If you are fortunate enough to marry a good wife, you are a happy man; if you marry a shrew, you will surely become a philosopher, and that is how Socrates became a philosopher.

Therefore, you must marry some kind of wife, and you should get married as soon as possible.

  Marriage can show women’s talents and abilities in a targeted manner, the most prominent of which is your ability to transform and transform a person.

Most women can successfully transform her husband.

  The biggest advantage of getting married is that he has to be patient with you, whether it is shopping, visiting, or chanting.

After marriage, you do n’t need children, and your husband is your closest friend; after marriage, have children, and your husband is your partner.

You will never be alone.

Your husband will be your life’s burden, and even a poor man can take on this responsibility.

After marriage, you can say, go to the trash without having to do it yourself; you can also say, buy grain and oil without being polite.

If you marry a good husband, you have the bragging rights of your companions, and you can satisfy your vanity; if you marry an uncontested husband, you have the right to sue a man in a companion, and you will definitely get resonance.

Absolutely marry some kind of husband, you can get unexpected fun.