Close the pores to the dark circles on the Star Festival


Close the pores to the dark circles on the Star Festival

On the seventh day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the seventh day of the lunar calendar is the traditional festival of the Western Han nationality-the Qixi Festival. Countless loving men and women in the world will pray to the starry sky for a happy marriage at this deep and quiet moment.

There is no doubt that beautiful faces and healthy bodies are powerful weapons for handsome guys and beautiful women to meet their lovers and confidants.

However, in today’s society, fierce competition, high work pressure, traces of age (wrinkles), and various skin problems annoy MM.

The so-called clear the clouds and see the sky, Xiao Bian collected some of the problems and solutions that MM is more concerned about, without hindering you to refer to it, create the perfect skin and spend the romantic Qixi with you!


hzh {display: none; }  烦恼一:毛孔粗大  皮肤毛孔粗大,特别是鼻头及两侧,一个个的“小洞洞”真是让人触目惊心,严重影响了塑造完美肌肤.
Unreasonable use of skin care products will not delay the time of misconditioning, in serious cases, the problem of large pores cannot be solved.

Enlarged pores are caused by the accumulation of old skin keratin, which makes the skin thicker and rougher, and the pores become larger. The skin also becomes dull and dry because it cannot absorb moisture and nutrients smoothly, which accelerates the stimulation of oil secretion and causes the pores to change again.Big.

Large pores can be divided into 3 types: horny pores are large, dehydrated pores are large, and loose pores are large.

  Vichy Oil Conditioning Night Conditioning Cream This product uses new pore penetration technology to remove LHA, octyl salicylic acid and vitamin E acetate from the deep pores, dredge the sebaceous gland channels of pores along the way, and has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.efficacy.

The LHA and vitamin E entering the deep pores directly affect the sebaceous glands, inhibit the activity of the sebaceous glands, and regulate sebum secretion.

  Large horny pores: Large horny pores are characterized by oil in the T-shaped area and black pores.

Generally, oily skin has strong sebum secretion, incomplete cleaning, and oily diet.

At this time, the skin’s metabolic function is not good. The aging keratin resets the pores and mixes with the excreted sebum to expand the pores. When the horns come into contact with the air, they are oxidized, the color becomes black, and blackheads appear.

  Care points: Pay attention to cleaning and controlling oil secretion, otherwise the accumulation of oil will cause dirt to hide in the pores and make the pores larger.

Daily use lotion and lotion to balance oil secretion and dredge pores; exfoliate once a week for deep cleansing.

  Biotherm Living Water Moisture Lotion This product can replenish moisture, lock in moisture, and allow the skin to actively moisturize, giving the skin a steady stream of hydrodynamic power, leaving the skin plump and plump at all times.

At the same time, it softens the cuticle of the skin and helps subsequent skin care products absorb better.

  Dehydration-type pores are enlarged: This type of skin has reduced secretion of water and oil, and the skin is dry and prone to fine lines. The pores on the nose and sides are larger.

When the skin is dehydrated, the cells of the dermis layer accelerate to age, and the stratum corneum at the opening of the pores will become thinner, making the skin around the pores look as if they are sunken, and the pores will expand significantly.

  Key points of care: The use of lotions, lotions and essences with high water retention capacity for comprehensive moisturizing is the key point of care. Among them, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, provitamin B5, natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and other ingredients have powerful water retention effects.。  DHC Collagen Essence DHC Collagen Essence is a beauty liquid with high concentration of sterile collagen.

Collagen can penetrate deeply into the skin, give skin vitality, regain elasticity and tension.

It can be used as a concentrated care when the skin loses its elasticity, and it can also be used as an anti-aging product to prevent skin aging.

  Rough pores: with age, the cell renewal ability weakens, the collagen around the skin pores, and the self-proliferative capacity of elastic tissues will decrease, making the pores lose support around them, and the pores will naturally grow larger.obvious.
If you look forward to staying in an air-conditioned room or not doing enough sun protection, your skin will age in advance, and young skin will have suspended pores.

  Nursing focus: Choose care products for skin aging, which should contain ingredients that can help stimulate collagen growth. Commonly there are human growth factors, amino acids, impurities, vitamins and enzymes.

  Worry two: dark circles.

hzh {display: none; }  黑眼圈是由于经常熬夜,情绪不稳定,眼部疲劳、衰老,静脉血管血流速度过于缓慢,眼部皮肤红血球细胞供氧不足,静脉血管中二氧化碳及代谢废物积累过More, the formation of chronic hypoxia, dark blood and stagnation, and cause eye pigmentation.

The national treasure panda’s eyes are not cute, let’s see if there is any way to solve it.

  The simple eye massage steps are as follows: 1.

Use the ring of your ring finger to strike the eye area with very gentle force, and massage gently around the eye, ranging from under the eyes to the bags under the eyes, to the temples, under the brows to the lower nose.

Do the same exercise at least ten times a day before going to bed.


Insert the ring finger and middle finger into the inside and outside of the eyebrow. Slide the finger gently from the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow along the bone of the eyebrow. At the same time, gently pull the finger towards the temple, then let go, and do it ten times.

Use your middle finger to massage the belly in a circular motion, see your cheeks along the bridge of your nose to the lower part of your eyes, your temples, and then back to the bridge of your nose around your eyelids. Do the same motion ten times a night.

  The characteristics of FANCL Firming Eye Mask: Anti-oxidation through plant ingredients, eliminating free radicals, thereby improving eye dullness.First moisturize the skin of the eyes first, making it easier for nutrients to penetrate into the stratum corneum. Plant SOD can effectively play an antioxidant role, eliminate free radicals in the skin of the eyes, thereby improving dullness and dark circles, making the eyes more glamorous.

  The main features of Estee Lauder’s anti-wrinkle eye mask: the first patented micro-current cycling technology to promote the biochemical protein and multi-mineral essence water in the product to be fully absorbed by the skin. When the product is applied to the skin, it can form positive and negative polar ions.Use the body’s own electrical conduction principle to form a circulating current loop, so that the effective ingredients are fully absorbed by the skin.

  Avonli Medicated Eye Cream extract extracts Chinese herbal extracts, combined with super-effective moisturizing ingredients, to moisturize the eye skin and create perfect eyes that are moist and delicate.