[Low Content Fruit]_Fruit_Species_Variety

[Low Content Fruit]_Fruit_Species_Variety

Fruit is an inedible food in our lives, because different fruits have different nutritional values, but for people who lose weight, they should choose low-transfer fruits, such as pineapple, banana, and grapefruit, which are low in content.Fruits.

1. Pineapple Pineapple is rich in vitamin B1, which can promote metabolism and eliminate fatigue. Its rich supplementary fiber can be absorbed more smoothly.

However, eating pineapple, you can eat a meal, not long-term, and also can not eat on an empty stomach, this enzyme can easily hurt the stomach.

2, bananas banana bananas ingest growth fibers, which can stimulate the peristalsis of the stomach and help excretion.

If you do n’t eat anything, just eat banana and honey, the conversion is much lower than that of a normal meal, and you will naturally lose weight.

However, such a rapid weight loss, the body often produces adverse reactions due to poor adjustment.

If you live on bananas for a long time and your body lacks specific nutrients such as protein and minerals, your body will slowly send out a danger alert.

3, grapefruit grapefruit vitamin C, sugar is not high, if you want to eat a grapefruit to replace a meal, of course, the conversion is low, if the changes in other meals are also properly controlled, and then naturally lose weight.

However, if you are weak, it is best to eat a few high-fiber soda crackers to prevent gastrointestinal pain caused by the acidity that may be unbearable on an empty stomach.

4, green apple apple as the king of fruit, its weight loss effect is naturally beyond mention.

Apples are rich in vitamins, which can promote the body’s digestion and absorption.

Avoid turning into adult accumulation in the body.

And Apple has a very good satiety, which can reduce the replacement of other transitions.

In short, fruit crushes like apples can eat more.