Health Tips Autumn Fruits and Health


Health Tips Autumn Fruits and Health

The more fruits you eat, the better, because the difference in nutrients and maturity of different fruits has different effects on the body.

Different body states also have different choices for fruit.

Fruits should be selectively consumed on a case-by-case basis.

銆€銆€People who often dry stools alternate peaches, bananas, oranges, etc., eat less persimmons; liver disease patients replace bananas, apples, watermelons, pears, jujubes, eat less acidic and harder fruits; patients with gastric ulcers replace bananas, can initially stomach ulcersHeal.

銆€銆€People with low body constitution should naturally choose warmth, such as lychee, longan, guava, cherry, coconut juice, durian and so on.

銆€銆€On the contrary, people with real physical constitution have strong metabolism, heat production, easy thirst, and often constipation.

Such people should eat cold foods such as cantaloupe, watermelon, pear, banana, kiwi, mango, persimmon, alfalfa, melon, grapefruit and so on.

銆€銆€Peaceful fruits such as grapes, pineapples, papayas, apples, copra, pears, oranges, mangoes, olives, ginkgo, plums, etc., are eaten by people of different physiques.

銆€銆€”The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics – Su Wen”: “The grain is for raising, the five fruits are for help, the five animals are for benefit, the five dishes are for filling, the smell is combined and served, to supplement the essence and benefit.

“Preliminary fruit can help health and have a health effect.

Fruit contains a variety of nutrients, which can regulate metabolism, prevent diseases and improve health.

Nowadays, it is a good season for a large number of fresh fruits to be listed. Some people always like to eat off-season fruits and are willing to adopt them.

In fact, seasonal fruits are naturally self-contained, adapt to seasonality, and the price is cheaper.

Here are a few fruits that are eaten in the fall: 1.

Apple apples are the world’s most recognized fruit for health.

Apples are rich in nutrients and contain a variety of vitamins and minerals in addition to protein, complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber.

Western proverb: “An apple a day, the doctor left me.

“It is obvious that people pay more attention to apples.
銆€銆€The fiber that is caused by apples is enough to supplement the body’s needs. In addition, it can increase the sense of fullness, help to lose weight, promote gastrointestinal motility, increase stool volume, become soft, become replaced, and reduce constipation and colorectal cancer.occur.

銆€銆€Apple is rich in apple pectin, contains potassium that lowers cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. It is a high-quality, high-potassium food.

Eating 1-3 apples a day can effectively prevent the increase of high blood pressure, while reducing blood pressure and reducing blood sugar levels and heart morbidity.

銆€銆€For those who sit in front of a computer, it is more common to eat apples, which can be combined with repeated elements in the body and excreted from the body, which has the effect of reducing the incidence of cancer.

Eating more apples can also help prevent acne and age spots.

The zinc contained in apples can promote the development of the brain and enhance memory, so it is also called the “fruit of memory.”

Regular consumption also increases hemoglobin and implants anemia.


Pomegranate pomegranate is native to the Western Region. It was reorganized in the Han Dynasty. Its whole body is treasure. It is known as 鈥渢he world’s wonder fruit, Kyushu fruit鈥? and its fruit is rich in protein, protein, various amino acids and essential for the human body.Trace elements with a variety of vitamins.

Chinese medicine believes that: pomegranate is warm, sweet, non-toxic, moistening and astringent effect, there are health effects of Shengjin food, spleen and stomach, blood pressure and diarrhea, repelling parasites and other health effects.

Pomegranate also has an inhibitory effect on influenza virus.

銆€銆€Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants, which can delay aging, prevent heart disease and slow down the progression of cancer, and lower blood fat and other health care functions.

Pomegranate also contains estrogen, which is effective for diseases such as female climacteric syndrome and osteoporosis.

Long-term suffering from pomegranate juice can improve some chronic diseases, especially for retinal soreness, eye fatigue and other symptoms.

In the country of origin of pomegranate, it has been replaced by eating and drinking, and the proportion of people suffering from stomach cancer and intestinal cancer has increased.


Pear pear is cold and sweet, has the functions of thirst, thirst, cough and phlegm, clearing heat and reducing fire, nourishing blood and nourishing muscles, moistening the lungs and drying, etc. It is suitable for patients with fever in autumn and winter and patients with internal heat.

In particular, it is suitable for lung heat cough, pediatric wind heat, dry throat, and dry stool.

銆€銆€Pear also has the effect of lowering blood pressure, nourishing yin and clearing heat.

Patients with high blood pressure, high blood pressure, and cirrhosis often have headaches when they eat pears.It promotes appetite, helps digestion, and has a urinary laxative and antipyretic effect. It can be used to replenish moisture and nutrients during high heat.

Cooked pears help the kidneys excrete uric acid and prevent gout, rheumatism and arthritis.

It has the functions of moistening and drying, detoxifying and detoxifying.

When the climate is dry in autumn, people are often itchy skin, dry nose and mouth, and sometimes dry cough and less sputum. Eating 1-2 pears a day can clear the throat and reduce the fire, which can increase the body fluid in the mouth, thus maintaining the role of the scorpion.

銆€銆€Pears are cold and cold, so don’t eat too much at a time.

Deficiency of the spleen and stomach, people who are hot should not eat raw pears, can be cut into pieces and boiled water to eat.


Oranges are rich in vitamin C and niacin, which have the effect of lowering blood fat and cholesterol in the body.

In addition to providing the vitamin A and vitamin C needed by the human body, the orange has an acidic substance called “tannic acid”, which can prevent arteriosclerosis, relieve fatigue, and often eat long and youthful.

銆€銆€The orange peel oil contained in the orange peel has an effect of suppressing cancer of the liver, the esophagus, the large intestine, and the skin.

In terms of the nutritional value of oranges, vitamin C and citric acid are the most abundant, with the effect of beauty and fatigue.

If you eat the thin skin of the orange squeeze together, in addition to vitamin C, you can also add glucose fiber (pectin), which can promote laxative and lower cholesterol.

銆€銆€Although oranges have the effect of warming the stomach and relieving cough, they should avoid eating too much, so as not to eat too much.

Oranges bogey with milk, radish, cucumber, and animal liver.

People with initial gastric ulcers increase the concentration of gastric acid after eating and are not suitable for consumption.