Love on campus: Four things to note about lovers in different places

Love on campus: Four things to note about lovers in different places

The story of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl is beautiful and moving, the world is far apart, and the Qixi Festival meets every year. Although such a love is beautiful, it is cruel to ordinary people.

It’s like long-distance love, it looks good from a distance, but it’s not so easy when we want to get close to it.

It is challenging and dangerous, and not everyone can stick to the end.

  With the development of the times, due to the needs of personal development, due to work or schooling and other reasons, the number of lovers separated from each other has gradually increased; but it has gradually become old. Now the high-speed information society, telephone, Internet and other means of communication and convenient transportation methods have decreased.This has caused the misery of love in remote places; however, the temptations and choices faced by modern people have increased, and the challenges and dangers of foreign love have increased. How many people can persist until the day when they become positive?

  1. Make sure that the communication between each other is smooth. The two places are most afraid of gambling and misunderstandings. Continuous gambling and misunderstandings will become indifferent between the two people. It may also make the corner diggers take advantage of the situation.Admit your mistakes.

  Angry, you tell him what he or she did not do well. If you do n’t like this method, the other party may converge next time. But if you say “I do n’t care about you, do n’t care about me””I don’t know if I will like others” or the like, it is estimated that it can only hurt the confidence of the other party and create an unpleasant atmosphere.

  2. We must trust each other. We must be able to separate the two places together, and we must let faith and conviction support you.

Often confused, without confidence in the future, will shake emotions.

  From time to time, express this confidence and conviction to each other: Although you are not together now, you have been working hard for your happy life in the future.

  When you don’t have the longing for your love, or even the attitude of walking and watching, it can only be said that you are sad.

  3, using SMS, phone, network to maintain the most timely contact lost contact, can not communicate in a timely manner, resulting in strangers to each other, and the SMS, phone, and network arrived in time, through the virtual can feel the lover’s feeling around.

  Keep a certain frequency of meetings, preferably once a month.

The suffering of Acacia also needs to be released. The sweetness of a few days has made up the Acacia of the past few months.

  If you do n’t get a response from calling or texting, you must be anxious (or even angry) from sweet, but then you should do your thing with peace of mind. To understand that he does not call you back, there must be hisConvenience.

  But conversely, if the other party calls or texts you, no matter how inconvenient, as long as the phone is around, give her at least a text message and don’t worry her.

  4, keep passion passionately, don’t win the newly-married couple, and the short-term meeting after separation between the two places will affect each other’s affection. In addition, there are also many new things now that can also increase the quality of off-site romance.

  In your spare time, do whatever you want to surprise your baby, similar to sending a small card online, ordering a small gift for her, and so on.

  Maybe these things seemed small movements at the time, but when I recall later, the aftertaste was far greater than itself.