Test: Are you born a love lover?

Test: Are you born a love lover?

If one day you are lazy and do not go to work, after waking up to the living room, what attracts you first?

(Girls, please ask your boyfriend to test) A.

Computer B.

A glass of drink C on the table.

TV remote control D.

Scissors A on the side of the coffee table.

You are a computer person who doesn’t want to fall in love at all. You don’t have any requirements for your lover. In your life, love is only the spiritual sustenance of your work.


A cup of drink on the table, even if you have a great sense of success at work, you do not care, because love is everything to you, without love, you will feel “uneasy, unhappy”.

TV remote control You are tired of work, you do not trust love, in your world, only you exist.


The scissors on the coffee table are full of scars no matter you are working or in love. For everything, you begin to treat them laissez-faire.