5 pro-help games that evoke baby perception

5 pro-help games that evoke baby perception

Do not look at the baby is only three or four months, he already has some abilities.

Let’s help him discover his abilities, and make a few little kiss games with him.

  Looking for shadow and light Although the baby can’t tell the color, he is very concerned about shadow and light.

  Have him with his back to the window, lying on top of you, resting his head on your elbows, so that you will be facing the window.

  Use a small mirror to capture the light coming in through the curtains (don’t let the strong sunlight hit the baby’s eyes), and lead the light towards the baby’s shoulder.

  Move the mirror and let the light move left and right, and you will see the baby’s eyes follow the light.

This is a great way to exercise his eye muscles.

  Looking up, looking up at the baby’s small neck to support his head is very strenuous.

However, there are some ways to train him to look up.

  Lay the baby on the bed, roll the bath towel into a circle, and place it under his chest to support his upper body.

  Standing about 30 cm away from him, shaking something that could make a sound or something bright on his head.

You will see him lift his upper body and stretch his neck to look!

Although the time is short, it is quite good.

  Dance a “close dance” and put on a piece of soft music, and dance with him.

  Hold your baby’s head lightly with one hand so that your baby’s face is against your chest and the other hand supports his butt.

  Shake your body left and right along with the beat of the music.

Your smell, heartbeat and shaking will make him happy.

  Boat shakes In order to gradually give your baby a sense of balance, you can let him sit in a “boat”.

  Sit cross-legged on the ground and place your baby in the “boat” with your thighs.

Hold one hand lightly around his neck and the other with his butt.

  The left and right thighs are pressed down alternately, lifted up, and cycled repeatedly.

The baby will rush down for a while and then rush down for a while.

In this process, the baby will find its own focus.

  Don’t forget to sing a small song while shaking.

  Make a face and let him imitate the various expressions on your face, but he is a genius of imitation!

  Stick your tongue to him, frown, slip your lips, smile, and close your mouth like a fish . Your baby will imitate you confidently.

  This kind of communication is not only fun, but your baby can remember your expression in imitation, this little genius will use this to decode your emotions in the future.

  Special reminder: These games can be played at any time of the day, but you must have a good mood.

  If the baby’s mood is not high and does not cooperate, stop in time.

If his eyes are staring at what you gave him, or if he is staring at you, you can continue.

  Your baby is very sensitive to your attitude, so don’t forget to encourage him in time and give him a big kiss.