Nearly a thousand yoga instructors in the city have been hired without a license

Nearly a thousand yoga instructors in the city have been hired without a license

Nearly a thousand yoga instructors in the city have no license?

  Sports Bureau: The country has not implemented the relevant qualification certification gymnasium: Looking forward to the early stage standard yoga (YOGA) originated in ancient India, and today it has become one of the most popular fitness methods around the world.

Yoga promotes “harmony,” “meditation,” and “cultivation.” It is very popular among urban people who live in a fast pace and are nervous.

Yoga entered Guangzhou in the late 1990s, and it really became a popular mass fashion sport around 2004.

With the gradual popularity of yoga, some realistic problems are emerging: As a skillful fitness program, yoga practice also requires relatively high demands on professional coaches, otherwise it is easy to cause physical injury.

Therefore, for ordinary people, citizens should be cautious when choosing yoga.

During the investigation, the reporter learned that since yoga is no longer included in sports, it is no longer possible to submit qualification certificates submitted by the state, which means that all the certificates held by yoga instructors in Guangzhou are “civilian”Origin.

The yoga coach training market has fewer fish and dragons and lacks supervision; the quality of training cannot be determined, and there is no authoritative department to define the “gold content” of the certificate.

  Too many fitness venues and large yoga training institutions will: the government authorities to start the qualification certification of professional yoga coaches as soon as possible.

  There is a gym in a city, and yoga classes in a gym. The “Yoga Fever” is booming in Guangzhou.

In particular, women have joined the army of practicing yoga for fitness, bodybuilding, and mind-building purposes.

However, the contradiction is inconsistent. The quality of yoga instructors in major fitness venues in Guangzhou is uneven, and incidents of injuries to bodybuilders due to improper practice of yoga occur from time to time.

A few days ago, the reporter learned at the Guangzhou Sports Bureau that since the relevant state departments have not yet started relevant qualification certification, the nearly 1,000 yoga instructors currently active in Guangzhou do not have relevant professional qualifications recognized by the state, which means that at presentAll certificates in the industry are of “civilian” origin.

  ”Yoga is a gym project”, a staff member of a well-known gym in Guangzhou told reporters.

The gym has seven “practice lessons”
arranged in four separate sessions from afternoon to evening. The teaching content is centered on various types of yoga classes. Each lesson lasts one and a half hours. The classroom can accommodate more than 20 teaching materialsTo enter, you need to make an appointment 1 hour in advance.

“Yoga classes are really hot, you can’t make it late, and you can’t get to the turn,” said one practitioner. “Sometimes the position is fully occupied within 30 minutes.

“The fever of yoga classes has directly led to funded job hunting for yoga instructors.

The market for yoga coaches in Guangzhou is very popular, and some well-known coaches often “catch up” between major fitness clubs, which has become a strange sight in the industry.

“Besides the class time, they can’t see the teachers. They also have to teach at other gyms, and they are all on time.” A document for a yoga club in a club told reporters.

  The reporter learned that there is no unified standard and standard for the qualification of yoga instructors in China, so the level of yoga instructors is not uniform.

“The shortage of yoga instructors, coupled with the lack of supervision by a specialized department, is the reason that the practice’s intelligence has been repeatedly lowered.

According to relevant sources, a coach can earn an average of about 200 yuan in the last yoga class, which makes the yoga coach an attractive new profession. There are also some skills and knowledge plus lack of yoga practitioners to step directly into it.The ranks of yoga instructors.

In addition to some of the coaching training provided by yoga clubs, online and magazine related training advertisements are also overwhelming.

  On the issue of yoga instructor certificates, the current situation in Guangzhou can be said to be a decline in fish and dragons. There are not only certificates recognized by the International Yoga Association, but also instant products made by the “Crash Course”.

Too many gyms report to reporters that, as far as the entire industry is concerned, the authoritative assessment certification and the introduction of related standards are urgently needed.

  It is understood that at present, the State General Administration of Sport has selected 7 provinces and municipalities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hebei, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang, and Zhejiang, as pilots, and has established a “professional skill appraisal station unique to the sports industry”.

The job of the appraisal station is to promote the “National Vocational Qualification Certificate System” within the sports industry.

The next step is to organize the relevant examinations through the government-approved assessment and accreditation organization, and grant the national professional qualification certificate, that is, the “professional social sports instructor” certificate.

The reporter learned from relevant channels that yoga, as a special course of aerobics, also appeared in the appraisal content. In the future, the assessment of yoga instructors is expected to replace the appraisal and appraisal of aerobics instructors.

  Improper practice is prone to “Yoga sickness”. Some practitioners often force themselves too much when they do actions, which can hurt the back, waist, and parts.

Ligament strains, spinal lacerations, arthritis, and neuralgia are common “yoga diseases.”

  Yesterday, the reporter visited a women’s dance body center located in Tianhe District.

According to the staff on duty, there are 10 yoga lessons per week, and each instructor takes turns to teach.

These coaches are not full-time here, they are part-time coaches hired from other clubs.

“They often come over to teach.

“When asked about the qualifications of a yoga instructor, the person in charge said that he had not heard of any certificate or the like, and almost no teaching materials would ask about the qualifications of a yoga instructor here.

The reporter asked the scholar Miss Zhang, who is a student at a nearby university and participated in the study of elementary yoga.

She said that the level of coaching here is average. “Each lesson teaches much the same thing, and you can learn it by watching a disc at home.” The coach does only one or three minutes of movement. It is often “selective location dialing.”As you do, “Do it right or not.”The reporter found that among the majority of yoga scholars, the level of understanding and acceptance of yoga as a fitness program varies.

Generally beginners come for the purpose of weight loss, beauty, weight loss, body shaping.

  It is understood that large-scale and small-scale yoga practice venues are blooming all over Guangzhou. The scale of expansion is several comprehensive fitness clubs, which attract fitness enthusiasts to join in the form of membership cards. Some of them have set up yoga classes, others include some specialYoga clubs and yoga rooms in high-end residential community clubs.

Most of the club’s yoga courses are scheduled programs. The venue can generally accommodate more than 30 people, and there is a lot of room for scholars to choose from. Professional clubs are limited by the venue and generally can accommodate about 20 people. Some only offer 2-3 lessons in a week.Scholars must be on a “first come, first served” basis.

  Take another large club as an example. Yoga classes take place 7 days a week, ranging from 3 to 4 lessons a day. Nearly 1,000 people enter the field to practice.

However, the price of yoga courses is also quite considerable. Calculated with an annual card of 3,000 yuan for clubs, usually two times a week, it costs 30 yuan per time.

  Because gym yoga classes are not cheap, some enthusiasts choose to learn by themselves, and practice by watching teaching discs and books at home.

This, Miss Zhang, a professional yoga instructor, told reporters that yoga looks gentle, and if it is not practiced properly, it may cause harm to practitioners. It is best to be guided by a professional instructor before conducting self-study.

Among the yoga practitioners interviewed by reporters, too many people said that they felt unwell after trying yoga, but just knew whether these alternative feelings were normal reactions or injuries caused by wrong posture.

According to reports, when practicing yoga, practitioners should give full consideration to their flexibility, balance and strength, and must follow the principle of exercise within their ability to exercise. If the intensity is too high or difficult to be too high, it may lead to sports injury.

Some practitioners often force themselves too much when doing movements, which can hurt the back end, waist, complications, etc.

Ligament strains, spinal lacerations, arthritis, and neuralgia are common “yoga diseases.”

  Miss Zhang said that as a professional yoga instructor, she must not only demonstrate on the spot, but also correct the improper movements of the practitioners in time, otherwise it may cause injury.

Some practitioners believe that in yoga classes, the coach will take care of 20-30 practitioners while performing demonstrations. There is no time to correct their wrong postures one by one. “It is good to reduce some body positions as much as possible. Many timesI do n’t know anything after learning, but I do n’t care if the action is standard.

In one action, the coach can only point at one or two people. ”

  How do good coaches “busy the court” to evaluate whether a coach is good?

The standard of most gyms is: the reflection and evaluation of academic papers is the heaviest revision code, “the certificate is secondary.”

  How many yoga instructors are there in Guangzhou?

里摸爬滚打了5年的张小姐也说不清楚,“如果以正在带课的教练来算的话,估计有接近1000人吧,以前搞‘千人瑜伽’的时候都Based on scholars, there are fewer coaches.

“Is this number of coaches sufficient to supply the yoga training market in Guangzhou?

  ”It should be almost the same, but it is not as good as the supply and demand of jobs as expected,” Miss Zhang said. “The real gym, the major gyms must grab, are those excellent coaches, they always catch up to the scene.

According to reports, the number of coaches taking classes has become “polarized”, which has brought about a huge disparity in income.

Take Miss Zhang as an example. In addition to being a part-time coach in a large fitness club in Guangzhou, she also teaches yoga classes in clubs in some high-end residential communities. There are about a dozen lessons a week, with an average of 2-3 lessons per day.One and a half hours.

Some “star coaches” are so busy that all major gyms have tried their best to predict that they will enter resident classes. This group of people belongs to the tibia of the yoga instructor’s income pyramid. It is extended daily to various branches of major fitness clubs to attend classes on time.There is no delay in leaving after class.

However, some coaches who are not well qualified have a relatively short period of “debut” and are not able to take a few lessons a week.

  Sure, most of the “catch” are popular coaches.

So how do you evaluate whether a coach is good?

Miss Zhang said that the reflection and evaluation of scholars is the most important criterion code. “The reputation of yoga coaches is very important. Scholars follow you to learn and feel that you have learned something and you are professional enough. This is the most valued gym for employers.”.
The reporter was confirmed in the mouth of a branch manager of Li Meijian. “We evaluate a coach, and the most important thing is to see his performance in the class. The literature shows that we use it. The certificate is secondary.

The reporter learned that yoga, as a fitness program that requires long-term practice, will also foster a certain “loyalty” between scholars and coaches. When scholars appreciate or are accustomed to a coach’s teaching method, they are unwilling to change people.The coach left the current club, and even some scholars chose to follow the coach and “transfer”. For the club, this will objectively cause the loss of customers, so he will do his best to protect his “star coach”.

  Quick coaching in January?

  The reporter got in touch with a yoga instructor training organization and said that he wanted to participate in the training, but he did not have any sports professional foundation and was not good at sports. The answer he received was: “It doesn’t matter. The training package is learned by you, and employment is recommended.

“Although the performance of a coach’s class is the ultimate termination code for his professional development, a professional coach must first prove himself through a qualification certificate.

At present, the management of swimming instructors, ski instructors, and fitness instructors is gradually getting on track every year, and training is carried out by holding certificates. However, the training of yoga instructors has not been provided by the state-specified assessment standards or qualification certificates submitted by the state.

  Take fitness instructor qualification certification as an example. At present, the more standardized domestic certifications are the two types of qualification certificates submitted by the bodybuilding and fitness associations and aerobics associations of the State General Administration of Sport for the State and the fitness instructor certification issued by the Ministry of Labor.

The personal fitness instructor currently serving in the Guangzhou Gymnasium must have a certificate formally submitted by the Asian Institute of Sports and Physical Fitness (AASFP). Coaches holding this certificate are qualified to teach at any fitness center in any country in Asia.

  The reporter found in the survey that the yoga instructors in major gyms in Guangzhou are mainly related to fitness instructors’ certificates, such as the “AASFP Professional Fitness Fitness Instructor Certificate”, but the relevant yoga professional certificates are somewhat unknown, mostly a string of foreign institutionsAbbreviation, plus “yoga coach”.

  According to the source, due to the increasing number of gyms and the increasing popularity of yoga instructors, large fitness clubs generally have full-time yoga instructors, but they also walk between the branches and even share with other clubs; and the scale is smallerFor the sake of cost, the gym will not develop a dedicated yoga instructor. Instead, it will use a “piece-counting” method, and the price will be 200-300 yuan. Please ask “foreign teachers”.Under the circumstances, some crash coach training classes have emerged as the times require.

  It is understood that most of the yoga instructors in Guangzhou belong to the “halfway monk”. The original training and teaching of the military sports, fitness, and dance majors, some of them graduated from the sports school or dance college, have excellent skills, and practice yogaGet started quickly.

Take Ms. Zhang as an example. She started to get into yoga 6 years ago. “It was not popular at that time, and most people in Guangzhou did n’t know what yoga was.” After practicing with the teacher for a while, she started to do it for one year.Coach, a teaching is 5 years long.For her enlightenment teacher, Miss Zhang commented, “I think she is very professional and can get the recognition of students including me.”

  For some coaches who have completely trained themselves, Ms. Zhang said that I am afraid that there will be a lack of professionalism. “I have also read a lot of those self-study books and dishes. Although the posture and description are good, yoga is the most important.It is breathing, and it is precisely this part that most of them ignore, I think it is very undesirable.

“In addition to the qualification training provided by some yoga clubs, a variety of related trainings are also provided on the Internet and in magazines. There are usually beginner, intermediate, and advanced points. If you continue to study, you can get a high-level certificate within 1 month.They range from 4,000 to 8,000 yuan, or even over 10,000 yuan, and these certificates are often described as “essential for entry”, “universal” or even “globally recognized”.

The requirements for scholars of this type of training are generally similar to “everyone who is interested in the field of yoga, hopes to develop in the fitness and bodybuilding industry, and is loyal to yoga.” The reporter contacted one of them and said that he would like to participate in the training, but he himselfI do n’t have any foundation in sports, and I ‘m not good at sports. The answer is, “It does n’t matter. You learn the training package and recommend employment”.

The reporter contacted a well-known fitness club in Guangzhou to inquire whether to provide training for yoga instructors. The other party stated that if no coach qualification training is provided, the applied coach must have a certificate, but more importantly, “trial teaching” is an alternative. Publication approval is a problem.Not big.